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I normally use eclipse and for me is a good IDE.

Eclipse comes with a built-in Java formatter that is not compliance with the Java convention and for this reason I create a Java formatter available on github, click here to get the latest version.

In short my Java formatter:

  • indent 4 spaces
  • use space instead of the tab character
  • split every row @ 80 characters per line
  • format the Javadoc
  • don't format comment
  • try to be compliance with the Java and Google conventions
  • pass verify of checkstyle

The following instructions and the formatter are tested for Eclipse Mars (version 4.5).


  1. Clone git repository or download the Java formatter

  2. Start eclipse

  3. Click on Window → Preferences
    Eclipse Window --> Preferences

  4. Search "formatter" in filter text input bar and then select Java → Code Style → Formatter
    Eclipse Java --> Code Style --> Formatter

  5. Click on "Import..." button and select the Java formatter, previously downloaded

  6. Verify that "Java and Google Conventions - pirola.org" is the Active profile and click on "Apply" Eclipse Java --> Code Style --> Formatter --> Apply

  7. Click and "OK"

That's all!!!

You can format your code in different ways:

  • All classes

    1. Click with the right mouse button on src/main/java, if you use maven, or on root project an select "Source" → "Format"
      Eclipse Java --> Source --> Format
  • Single class

    1. Select all your Java code class- Shortcut: Right Ctrl + A
      Eclipse Java --> Right Ctrl + A

    2. Format the code - Shortcut: Right Ctrl + Right Shift + F
      Eclipse Java --> Right Ctrl + Right Shift + F

Happy coding ;)


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